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Does your contemplation of the situation fuck with the flow of circulation

4 July to 6 September 2009

‘Does your contemplation of the situation fuck with the flow of circulation’ by Glasgow based artists Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan is a new work which through its very naming, clearly introduces the duo’s provocative and interrogative art practice.

Since 1995, Tatham and O’Sullivan have created work concerned with the mythic potential of art, and how art can exist as an event in a particular space and time. ‘Does your contemplation…’ is a complex re-presenting of the artists’ tropes as new construct, tackling the fact that the artists’ most significant works exist in the form of an exhibition. Tatham and O’Sullivan consider Eastside Projects a non-standard gallery and are treating it as a found site, working “on top of” the venue with components that form the exhibition as a series of objects.

Throughout ‘Does your contemplation…’ the artists are opening up the language that they use in order to better fashion an exhibition to make the viewer aware of their own thinking processes and highlight consciousness.