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Local Myths

25 September to 6 November 2010

Eastside Projects proudly presents the first UK solo exhibition by Amsterdam-based Jennifer Tee. Local Myths is formed through the synthesis of newly commissioned and key recent sculptural works. Tee creates symbolic, synthetic, even fantastic installations of great sculptural sophistication with a transparency of production. The artist is constructing a quixotic setting with allusions to a number of ideologically transformative inner structures, sanctums and theosophical spaces. Tee’s sculptural forms lie, stand and hang, interspersed around the space combining unusual elements testing gravity to form a unique constellation and performance of emblematic actions and craft processes.

Alongside her sculptures, performances and installations, Tee has produced a body of artist’s books and printed matter in collaboration with the Amsterdam-based graphic designer Richard Niessen. During the exhibition new artist’s book will be published as a collaboration between Tee, Niessen and James Langdon, a founding director of Eastside Projects.