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Monthly Evaluations

15 March to 14 June 2014

Ioana Nemes (1979-2011) is one of the most acknowledged and exhibited Romanian artists of her generation. A professional handball player who turned artist at the age of 21 after a serious knee accident, she studied photography with Iosif Kiraly at the National University of Arts Bucharest. Nemes’s drive was fueled by a necessity to visualize and communicate as clearly as possible the hidden mechanisms behind the linguistic, visual, and psychological systems that define us.

The exhibition presents selected works from her ambitious 2003-2010 series ‘Monthly Evaluations’. Grouped in 3 main themes, ‘Dreams’, ‘Vanishing Point’ and ‘Work Harder’, the exhibition explores a set of clearly defined themes from Nemes’ complex universe of evaluations of her daily existence.

Curated by KILOBASE BUCHAREST & Gavin Wade.

Supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

With special thanks to Salonul de Proiecte (Bucharest) and Ioana Nemes Circle of Friends.