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6 December 2008 to 31 January 2009

With a.a.s, Access Local, Asia Alfasi, Simon & Tom Bloor, Celine Condorelli, Hans Christian Dany, Shezad Dawood, Stefan Heidenreich, Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, Plastique Fantastique and Olav Westphalen.

Berlin-based Henrik Schrat’s one-day-comic concept focuses on the intense cooperation of two artists or artist-groups. Without any previous preparation, two artists meet in the morning, and start to develop a comic strip together – to be completed in one day.

Schrat has collaborated with twelve artists to create twelve comic books over the last six months. The original pages and the completed comics are presented in the main gallery space of Eastside Projects as part of an installation crossing genres from Schrat’s comic world into the ‘Wild West’ film sets of Shezad Dawood’s solo exhibition also taking place in the gallery.

One-Day-Comic represents the desire to collaborate by artists around the world and also the tendency for collaborative projects within the growing Birmingham art scene.