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Public Projects Upcoming

Experiments with Everyday Objects

5 February to 24 April 2021

‘Experiments with Everyday Objects’ takes its title from a 1970s science book that describes over sixty experiments for children to do at home using readily available materials. A copy of the book belongs to the artist’s father, a former science teacher. Harun is using a selection of these experiments as scores for a series of actions to camera that evoke the weirder end of YouTube demonstration videos. The first of these was made over the Covid-19 lockdown using whatever was to hand. 

The experiments with everyday objects extend beyond the book’s instructions to include other things with personal resonance of various sizes. These include a disused notice board outside the artist’s studio on Romford Road, London and his narrowboat, Zoar. The notice board will be duplicated and installed across a number of locations, including the garden of a dance school in Bucharest, Romania. It will also be reimagined as a modular system from which other support structures can be made with the same sections of wood. 

Across this Autumn and Winter, Harun will navigate Zoar from Regent’s Canal in London to the West Midlands via the Grand Union Canal. He will journey with friends invited to co-document different legs of the trip and its eventual return to London resulting in a travelogue of text, images and video. Zoar itself will be converted into a pinhole camera to produce a series of analogue prints en route. The boat will also be the site for a series of recorded conversations that explore the politics, histories and futures of ports and inland waterways.

Harun Morrison is an artist and writer based on the River Lea and Regent’s Canal. He is the current recipient of the Wheatley Fine Art Fellowship, hosted by Birmingham School of Art, Birmingham City University and Eastside Projects. His forthcoming novel, The Escape Artist will be published by Bookworks in 2022. Since 2006, Harun has collaborated with Helen Walker as part of the collective practice They Are Here. He is also a trustee of the Black Cultural Archive (est. 1981).