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Only a Free Individual Can Create a Free Society

28 June to 2 August 2014

Eastside Projects presents ‘ONLY A FREE INDIVIDUAL CAN CREATE A FREE SOCIETY’, a new film installation by Grace Schwindt revisiting discussions she witnessed as a child surrounded by leftwing individuals in Frankfurt, Germany.

At feature film length ‘Only a Free Individual Can Create a Free Society’ is the product of an extensive rehearsal period with eleven dancers and a dramaturg over a period of five weeks using diagrams to map out a detailed choreography. The film draws on thirty costume makers crafting costumes using aluminium, cardboard, silk, velvet, as well as extensive post-production video compositing.

Commissioned by FLAMIN Productions through Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network, Eastside Projects and The Showroom, in association with Badischer Kunstverein; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; Site Gallery; Tramway; and ICIA, University of Bath; Zeno X Gallery. Supported by Arts Council England, Hessian Film Fund, The Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

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