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26 September 2009 to 23 January 2010

‘Data Double’ and ‘Changing Room’ are experimental prototypes for EP:VV (Eastside Projects: Virtualised and Visualised) – a new space for imagining ideas about Art. EP:VV will develop participation and representation of the gallery’s artworks and initiatives.

‘Data Double’ is a mixed-reality installation, that acts as a digital mirror enabling viewers to gaze upon a virtual simulation of the surrounding physical space. Embodying the aesthetic and conceptual essence of the material environment, while simultaneously disrupting and distorting our perceptions of it, the artwork seeks to facilitate new creative and curatorial possibilities between the reflected worlds.
‘Changing Room’ is an evolving mixed-reality installation that considers the recycling of artefacts, concepts and situations in the Digital Age. Lead artist Michael Takeo Magruder will collaborate with Extra Special People artists Ana Benlloch, Iona Makiola, Antonio Roberts, Lee Scott, Zhao Wei and Selma Wong to develop a new collaborative space.

Blending the shared virtual environment of Second Life with the shared physical environment of Eastside Projects, the artwork will facilitate the realisation, curation and documentation of seven distinct art projects arising from a pool of virtual and physical resources.