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dankEconogy1_ALIENVillage at Kunsthal Gent

26 January to 21 April 2024

A Beginning for Us All

ਮਾਮਲਾ Māmalā / ਗੰਦਗੀ Gadagī / Matter / Contamination

dankEconogy1_ALIENVillage moves from Birmingham to Belgium for a second visitation at Kunsthal Gent.


Break­fast Lec­tu­re, Sun­day 28 Janu­a­ry, 11am

Kunst­hal Gent will pro­vi­de cof­fee, tea and (vegan) break­fast cakes whi­le Sah­jan talks about their newly reconfigured multiverse.

Everyone is welcome.


ALIENVillage is co-commissioned by Eastside Projects, Kunsthal Gent, and UP Projects and supported by Arts Council England and the Henry Moore Foundation.