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Screening across the gallery on continuous loops and including works by Robert Ashley, Clémentine Bedos, Verity Coward, Assia Ghendir & Holly Hunter, David Blandy, Rodrigo Costa , Ryan Christopher, Bill Daggs, Yinka Esi Graves, Damon Packard, and John Smith, this polyphonic programme of short films has been selected by Ruth Claxton, Lucy Grubb, Verity Jane Keefe, Sahjan Kooner, Naoibh McNamee, Alice Theobald, melissandre varin, Gavin Wade, and Abbas Zahedi – artists who are working with Eastside Projects in a variety of ways.

On Digbeth First Friday 2 February 6–8pm join us for a one night only activation of the programme through short performative responses to the films by Vratislav Klemera, Joshua Defor, Peter Bell, Jo Nicolae, Anna Middleton, Kinna Whitehead, James Mcilwrath and Mikhail Rozhin – Undergrad and Postgrad Composition and Experimental Performance students at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.