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Cultural Citizens

2020 – 2021

Changing the multiverse!

Eastside Projects is is working with five Cultural Citizens – Selina Sagnia, Anam Zafar, Carla Busuttil, Toqueer Ahmed Quyyam and Susan Goundrey-Kruse – throughout 2020 to feedback on their experiences of our exhibitions, projects and events, reflect on what we do and help us develop new ways to open out the organisation to different audiences, communities and perspectives.

Our Cultural Citizens are a group of people who experience what we do in different ways – they might come on Digbeth First Friday, attend talks and events or visit our exhibitions. They may like what we do and how we do it, or wish we did things differently. Or they might simply care about culture in Birmingham and have opinions on what an organisation like Eastside Projects could, or should, do to support the city. They are not ‘experts’ on art, but allow us to hear from a range of voices, from different backgrounds, who are simply interested in what we do and would like to support us to develop.

The Cultural Citizens take part in what we do – visit exhibitions, attend some events – and then attend three meetings across the year to talk things through, share reflections and feedback to the Eastside Projects team about your experience.

Each Cultural Citizen is paid £50 for their contribution to each meeting.