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Haze and Fog

21 September to 16 November 2013

‘Haze and Fog’ is a new type of zombie movie set in modern China and made by one of the most important Chinese artists working today. Working with film, photography, installation and performance Cao Fei probes her personal and cultural relationship to metropolitan China.

Rather than positioning activity as good vs evil, Cao Fei’s major new video commission explores how the collective consciousness of people living in the time of what the artist calls “magical metropolises” emerges from seemingly tedious, mundane, day-to-day life.

‘Haze and Fog’ is produced by Eastside Projects and Vitamin Creative Space and is a joint commission by University of Salford and Chinese Art Centre, Eastside Projects and Bath School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University, with Vitamin Creative Space. Supported by Arnolfini. Special Thanks to Elena Hill.


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