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Black Box is an alternative exhibition resource that is devised and created by our volunteers to give extra insight into the exhibitions. Volunteers spend a period of time researching collectively into an artist’s practice and ideas and then have a chance to interview artists in their studio, after this, they design and produce a publication which is housed both in Another Reality in the Gallery and online.

Check out some of the Black Box projects below >>>

The Artists’ House Charrette with Studio Morison, documented by Zunaira Muzaffar

Samara Scott, produced by Laura Onions, Sarah Jerrard-Dinn & Katie Hodson

Display Show, Margin Notes by Katie Hodson and Dolly Kershaw

3-Phase with Nicola Singh 

3-Phase with Larry Achiampong

3-Phase with Mark Essen

3-Phase issues were created by Black Box volunteers Laura Adcock, Yuk Yin Lee, Shumi Mungwira, Tarnya Trainor, Kenizzi Yamalimbu and Oxana Zhigalova.

Freya Dooley produced by Alice Lanham, Saima Zaman, Anunita Chandrasekar, Kasia Wasaznik

The Myth of Eastside – Monster Chetwynd produced by Loren Botica, Chantelle Boyle, Koumal Patel

Unreal Estate – Sofia Niazi produced by Tino Chiwario, Polly Brant, Zoe Aitken, Clara Murphy

In the Castle of My Skin – Sonia Boyce produced by Sebastien Andrews, Sophie Clark and Margaux Foucret