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The 25 Paintings

15 March to 14 June 2014

‘The 25 Paintings’, is the first stage of Bill Drummond’s World Tour 2014-2025; an epic sculpture, 25 years in the making and the culmination of the life’s work of the artist, legendary music maker and infamous myth maker.

The twenty fifth exhibition at Eastside Projects, ‘The Twenty Five paintings’ represents the climax of Drummond’s prodigious and eclectic art career that, since 1976, has taken on a multitude of forms including writing and performing music, managing bands, running record labels, forming art foundations, writing, publishing, lecturing, painting, making soup and giving away bunches of daffodils.

Twenty five paintings will act as markers, signposts and advertisements for the work the artist carries out within the gallery and across the city. On the 13th March, prior to the exhibition launch, Drummond will arrive beneath Spaghetti Junction on a raft and construct the sculpture ‘400 Bunches of Daffodils’. Partly inspired by the lyrics of the opening song on Black Sabbath’s debut album, Drummond’s ‘World Tour’ starts, and will finish, at the place he sees as the “gates of the underworld”.

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