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“Worried Sick T-shirts”


Embroidered XL (One Size) Cotton Mix T-shirts
Limited Edition / 12 of each design

‘trying’ – Green XL Tee

‘Largely Not How I Have Been Making A Living’ – White XL Tee

‘still doing (it)’ – Black XL Tee

Worried sick has been our consistent state of mind for some time now.

It’s hard work trying to do the things you want to do in a world that doesn’t always allow you to do them. We spend most of our time attempting to make ends meet and sadly what we’re most passionate about ends up largely not how we’ve been making a living.

Worried Sick is a humble nod to the fact that it’s not always easy, quick or even possible to make your creative dreams a reality, sometimes. But to keep trying it anyway.

We’re just a couple of down to earth water signs swimming against the stream and still doing it.

Our XL T-shirt collection celebrates the humour, determination and resilience of being a “creative” in 2021, whilst also honouring our friendship (we have really enjoyed making these together)…