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“Virtual Tea Session”


In stock

An hour-long 1-2-1 (although up to three people can attend) over tea about the human-nature relationship with artist Olha Pryymak.

You may participate alone, or with a maximum of two other guests. You will receive a box of dried tea leaves to prepare together with the artist during the session. Olha will share how she addresses her feelings about eco-anxiety and grief – with plants, painting, brewing and fiction to see where the conversation takes you.

(Please note that Olha will contact you to arrange a date for the tea session).

Olha Pryymak’s work is driven by curiosity in plant-human relationships, using oil paint as a tool to think through them. Painting allows for paying undivided attention to what is deemed important: the emotional flavour of lived experiences with the plants, on the way that the plants make you feel, savouring each brushstroke as a point of meditation on this interdependent relationship. These experiences usually stem from the performative side of Olha’s practice – staged encounters with plants in the form of participatory tea sessions – part Ukrainian peasant healer seance, part tea ceremony, rooted in her heritage of Ukrainian folk herbalism.

Recent shows and projects include: Sensorium at Verv Lab, London, 2020; Herbal Tea Labo at AIR-Yamanashi, Kofu, 2019; This Instead of That at Lewisham Art house and ArtHouse1, London, 2019. Awards included participation in London Creative Network, Space Studios 2018, studio residency at Florence Trust, 2015-2016; Bulldog Bursary with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and Heatherley School of Fine Art in 2012, BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery 2011.