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“Singing the Blues / Dream Machine / Nocturnal Opera Prints”


These framed prints combine one of Guest’s cyanotype prints with vintage engravings of different motifs from the artists own found collection.

  1. Singing the Blues –  a bird and a birdcage
  2. Dream Machine – a bird and an armillary sundial diagram 
  3. Nocturnal Opera – moths and a chandelier 

Printed on 225gsm acid-free archival cotton rag fine art paper using archival quality ink for exceptional quality and longevity.

Print size 20 x 20 cms

Print comes framed at size 32 x 32 cms (white conservation quality mount and white frame)

5 Available

(Please note that the text at the bottom of each print is to differentiate the prints by their titles, and will NOT appear on the print you purchase.)

Hello, my name is Anne Guest and this is all about me!

The view from my studio as I’m working is open countryside (well, it’s just south of Birmingham in North Worcestershire but it looks like the country to me) and this means I can do the things I love to do – which is make art about nature inspired by what I see.

New project ideas often come to me whilst I’m out walking Baxter and Wilf who are my 2 rescue dogs, watching Patsy and Edina the tortoises strolling around the garden, chasing my 6 chickens and keeping my 120,000 bees.

Natural history has always been a passion of mine and one of my first memories of primary school is taking a beautiful moth that I had found to show my teacher! I still look at the natural world with the same awe and wonder that I had then, but am much more aware of the increasing fragility and vulnerability it faces because of today’s environmental challenges.

I draw, paint and take photographs but also make cyanotype images (a camera-less photographic printing process that uses ultraviolet light and results in blue prints) and smoke pictures using a candle to deposit soot on paper (only slightly dangerous!).

I graduated from Birmingham City University with MA in Fine Art in 2006. I exhibit regularly both nationally and internationally and have been shortlisted for several prize exhibitions including the Jerwood Drawing Prize and the Ruskin Drawing Prize. My work is held in both private and public collections.