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“Publication Happens”, 2018


Publication Happens – ESP Write Club

This publication collects different texts and exercises undertaken by various members of Write Club over its two-year duration.

Co-authored and edited by members of Write Club 2016–2018: Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Brenda Hickin, Sophie Huckfield, Joanne Masding, Elvin Sanders, Jenni Schütt, Andrew Smith, Suzanne van der Lingen, Emily Warner.

Book typeset, printed and bound by Joseph Lilley at The Holodeck, Birmingham UK.
Printed on FSC certified 120gsm Munken Pure rough (inners), with hand-marbled Suminagashi covers.
Body text Typeset in Crimson Text by Sebastian Kosch.
Published on the occasion of Write Club, ESP Programme.
Published by Eastside Projects
ISBN 978-1-906753-42-9