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“Ink, Turmeric / Oak Gall”


Turmeric Alcohol Ink (Yellow/Orange)

Edition of 20, 40ml jars.

Perfect for drawing, painting and the use in felt tip pens. It won’t mix with water but the colour can be adjusted with acid/alkaline modifiers (deep orange) such as soda ash or (lighter yellow) lemon juice. It should be kept in a cool dry place with the lid securely tight as it will evaporate otherwise over time. It is best suited to use with thicker paper.

Ingredients: Turmeric root extract, pure alcohol solution, salt.

Oak Gall Ink (Black)

Edition of 20, 40ml jars.

Perfect for drawing, painting and fountain pens. It mixes well with water and the colour can be adjusted with acid/alkaline modifiers, such as soda ash (rust brown), rust water (green-ish black). It should be kept in a cool dry place (keep it in the fridge). Oak gall ink was one of the first ever writing inks and has been traditional used on calf skin as it can be corrosive to paper of time. This batch has been hand-picked from oak trees in Sussex, hand ground and soaked combined with iron from rusty nails.

Ingredients: Oak galls, rain water, rusty nails, gum arabic and clove (for preservation).

Laura Cooper is a British artist and filmmaker. Her practice embraces performance, video installation and drawing. Solo exhibitions include Softening the Grid at Milton Keynes Arts Center,2017. Nomadic Glow, Centro ADM Mexico City 2015 and Soft Revolutions, Space In Between Gallery London 2013. Group exhibitions include Play, Game, Place, State, Collyer Bristow Gallery London UK, Voice and The Lens, Ikon Gallery Birmingham 2012 & Rich Mix Cinema London 2014. VideoGud program Sweden 2015, Eyes As Sieves Global Committee New York, Third House Titanik Gallery Finland 2017. Residencies include 108 NY USA and PRAKSIS Oslo 2016, 3rd Land Art Mongolia Biennale, Mongolia 2014, SAP Seoksu Market International residency, South Korea. She was awarded the Franklin Furnace Fund 2013, International Artist Development Funding and Arts Council England Grant 2018. She received her BA in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art 2006 and her MFA The Slade School of Art London 2012.