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“GO ON CRY. LIFE IS HARD. 2014”, 2014


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Heather and Ivan Morison have made a series of puppet shows at Eastside Projects from the launch in 2008 through to Puppet Show in 2013. GO ON CRY and LIFE IS HARD were made as part of the 5th year birthday editions to support EPs programme, and are two of the most exquisitely made puppets from the artists’ oeuvre. The two characters echo a number of puppet histories including punch and judy with strong references to Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight (1952) – the tragic tale of a ballerina and a clown. Each puppet has their name embroidered on their chest, and painted and pencil drawn elements on the fired porcelain heads, hands and feet.

Edition of 10
Each edition has two parts
Each part approx. 50 x 20 x 10 cm
Porcelain, fabric, feathers, graphite, acrylic paint, varnish