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“Eastside Projects User’s Manual Draft #7.1 Production Report ”, 2017


Artists: Liam Gillick, Laura Aldridge, Jasleen Kaur, Nothing Gets Organised, Richard Woods, Des Hughes, Peter Nencini, Rosalie Schweiker, Heather & Ivan Morison, Sonia Boyce, Auto Italia, Linda Brothwell, Performance as Publishing, Hardeep Pandhal, Nicolas Deshayes, Honor Gavin & Theatrum Mundi, Alice Gale-Feeny
Edited by Ruth Claxton, James Langdon, Gavin Wade
Designed by James Langdon
Published by Eastside Projects on the occasion of: ‘Production Show: Artists House’ 20 May to 15 July 2017
Make do typeface
8 colour printing, Softback, pp. 31
ISBN 978-1-906753-38-2