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“Birmingham Public Art”, 2023


A 180 page hardback large-format book including 330 colour photos. Jonathan Berg tells the fascinating story of the city’s public art both in his sensitive photography and through his thoughtful text and legends.

The book is produced to the highest design and print standards. It is the 12th book to be published by the Birmingham Picture Library publishing house since the first edition of Positively Birmingham was published in September 1994.

This is a book for local people to enjoy and a perfect gift. More than this though, a serious and very readable book for those interested in public art across the world. It demonstrates the many ways that the built environment is enhanced by public art. The different approaches to commissioning and introducing public art into modern society is explored. The sometimes difficult issues of sustaining public artworks into the future are covered in a thought provoking way.

Further details and blogs about public art by the author are on the book’s website:

ISBN: 978 1 7396457 1 7

180 pages with 330 colour photos

Published: First Edition Published 1st November 2023