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“typical, checkered, most likely blue.”


Noel Clueit’s artwork uses a stock photograph of a tea towel from a Google image search. It depicts an archetypal woven design, therefore contrasting with the digital printing technique employed by Artist Tea Towel Company. The design conveys the journey of a tea towel becoming an image, then returning as a tea towel transformed through technology
and means of production. The concept is further complicated by the Dreamstime company watermark, used to deter people from using or printing its images without purchase, which in this case becomes an aesthetic embellishment.

Noel has held recent solo exhibitions, : / at Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool and Towards Monumental Sculpture at Bureau, Manchester. He has exhibited at Workplace Gallery, Gateshead; The international 3, Salford and CIRCA Projects, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Recent curatorial projects include Ways of Looking, Hanover Space, University of Central Lancashire and NEW WORK at The Manchester Contempory 2016. With Maeve Rendle he initiated and runs the exhibition programme He lives and works in Manchester.

Artist Tea Towel Company commissions contemporary artists to produce artworks for tea towels. The inaugural collection features designs by artists from across the UK and Ireland. The company’s aim is to introduce new collections by different artists each year.

ATTC is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) and profits are reinvested in new commissions and public events.

46 x 71 cm
digitally printed on 100% cotton
made in the UK