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“Artists Tea Towel Company: Hunter watching the beach”


Milly Thompson’s design originates from a painting made for her recent exhibition Cougar at Westminster Waste gallery. Much of the work in the exhibition, including the image used in the tea towel, depict older women at leisure on exotic beaches, in a carefree, unselfconscious state of déshabillée. Through schematic compositions and saturated colours, the imagery reflects Milly’s interests in fashion and commodity, and the representation of women in art. The use of the Artist Tea Towel Company logo as a watermark reveals the artist’s ideas about branding and image ownership.

Milly’s work has also featured in exhibitions, commissions and residencies at galleries including Peer UK, Focal Point Gallery and South London Gallery. She was a member of the notorious art collective BANK from 1994 and 2003. Milly is currently the lead artist for The Syllabus, a programme hosted by Wysing Art Center, and she also teaches on MA Painting at the Royal College of Art and on Goldsmiths MFA MA. She lives and works in London.

Tea Towel
46 x 71 cm
digitally printed on 100% cotton
made in the UK