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“A Play”, 2016


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Uta Eisenreich and James Langdon

This diminutive book is published in relation to a series of performances and an exhibition: ‘Things on a Table’ by Uta Eisenreich and Eva Meyer-Keller with Katrin Hahner at Pact Zollverein, Essen, and ‘A Play’ by Eisenreich with Meyer-Keller and James Langdon, shown at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam. The departure point is Gertrude Stein’s modernist text, ‘Objects Lie on a Table’ (1922). The exhibition takes form as a mural conceived with graphic designer James Langdon. Unlike the experience of the stage piece, where elements appear in a timeline, the book offers an excess of elements – signs, colours, fragments, and texts – to assemble and construct meaning.

Publisher Roma Publications
ISBN 9789491843600
96 p
ills colour & bw
11 x 18 cm