Naoibh McNamee

Naoibh McNamee is a queer autistic multi-disciplinary artist from Birmingham. Naoibh’s practice focuses on queer and disabled themes; following their own personal experiences in an attempt to understand and explore their position within the world.

Naoibh’s practice invites the viewer to enter camp, colourful new worlds that transcend and subvert heteronormative and neurotypical societal expectations. They use their work to embrace and celebrate their lack of assimilation, demanding their own agency and spaces to exist authentically. Naoibh’s work plays with viewers’ expectations and perceptions of disability and queerness, drawing attention to the very things that other them in society. The artist’s most recent works have explored their queer autistic existence, using alien and non-human forms to illustrate their very human experiences.

They work four days (30hrs) a week and their salary is paid at the Real Living Wage.

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