Rene Francis-McBrearty

Rene is a multi-disciplinary who recently moved to Birmingham to Gateshead. She uses drawing, live performance, poetry and sculpture. The internal structure of music and how a track is built is similar to how she builds performances, drawings and writings: the rhythm, the repetition, the chorus, the sourness, the loop, starting again, *new track*.  She is interested in moments of subversion, disruption, and glitch, (and softness and tenderness within this). She was an artist-in-residence at YARD Art House in Ladywood for 3 months, as part of MAIA’s Life Affirming Infrastructure season. Rene is currently making a quilt telling the story of ‘imagining a park that has everything everyone needs’; the quilt has been co-designed with members of the public who attended a workshop I hosted at YARD.