Amelia Hawk

Amelia’s most memorable experience to date was camping in the gallery as part of the Artist Led Multiverse Summit in 2018, and sleeping under a Jenny Holzer.

As well as working at Eastside Projects, Amelia is an artist and activist. Her work often begins as conversations and materialises as performance, installation, clothing and publications. She has recently become interested in centring care for others in her work and as a result, is undertaking counselling training. Amelia regularly performs and exhibits across the UK and Norway (where she studied her MA at Kunstakademiet in Oslo).

Notably, she has exhibited at National Gallery, Prague; Intercultural Museum, Oslo; Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki; Luda Gallery, St Petersburg; and performed in numerous international festivals such as SPILL Festival, The Festival of Northern Norway, Stockholm Fringe Festival.

In 2020 she started the podcast OTHERWISE SILENT giving a voice to issues and people that are often unheard.

She works three days a week and her salary is £15,000 p/a (£25,000 pro-rata).