Charismatic individuals wanted …

DO YOU HAVE CHARISMA? Are others drawn to your compelling and bewitching presence?  Artist Kelly Large is seeking people who possess charisma to participate in an art work as part of This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things X at Eastside Projects.

You would be required to visit the gallery once in November/ December and fill it with your irresistible aura.  There are no specific qualities she is looking for other than you believe you have a magnetic character; able to charm and captivate others.  You might be outgoing, reserved or quietly confident or anything in between, as long as you possess that X-factor that makes for a charismatic personality that fills the room.

She is looking for 22 individuals to make this art work.  Each person will visit the gallery separately.  There is no time limit to your visit– you can take as much or as little time in the exhibition, as long as you attempt to fill the space with your charismatic and irresistible presence.

To participate you would need to be available on one of these days:

Friday 2/ Saturday 3 November

Wednesday 7/ Thursday 8/ Friday 9/ Saturday 10 November

Wednesday 14/ Thursday 15/ Friday 16/ Saturday 17 November

Wednesday 21 / Thursday 22/ Friday 23/ Saturday 24 November

Wednesday 28/ Thursday 29/ Friday 30 / Saturday 1 November

Wednesday 5/ Thursday 6/ Friday 7/ Saturday 8 December


Charismatic visits must take place during gallery opening hours, any time between 12noon – 5pm.

Fee offered: £30


Please contact Kelly for further details on: