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Mobile Wall System with 41 permanent pole positions on a square and triangular grid (After Adolf Krischanitz)

2011 – ongoing

(With Sophie von Hellermann, A Brief History of Civilisation, 2011, Pigment and acrylic emulsion on mdf surfaces of 6 sets of mobile wall system)
(Part overpainted by Mohammed Ali, ‘The Reign of the Pen’ 2015, mixed paint, during Birmingham Show, 2015)

12 powder coated aluminium poles 281.5x5x5cm, 10 powder coated aluminium poles 393.5x5x5cm, 10 hard wood, plywood and mdf panels 281.5×197.5x5cm, 10 hard wood, plywood and mdf panels 113.5×197.5x5cm, steel bolts, steel & brass floor inserts.

Function by Gavin Wade.

Execution by Queen & Crawford – Matthew Higginbottom, Matt Foster, Joseph Weldon, Matthew Moore, Olly Jones, Avonstar Trading, Alex Bailey, Lee Stowers, Gene-George Earle, Jonathan Gordon, Rupert Pane, & Gavin Wade.