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Workshop: Design Thinking

28 to 29 August 2019
10am – 5pm

Design Thinking is an innovative technique which helps you get the most from your ideas.

With roots in the processes used by interdisciplinary professions, like architecture, engineering and product design, Design Thinking provides a way of understanding problems from different perspectives, leading to more rounded and effective solutions.

This two day workshop will be fun and fast-paced, taking participants through the five stages of Design thinking – Empathising, Defining, Creating, Prototyping and Testing – and will include particular methods developed by STEAMhouse staff in collaboration with international partners such as FabLab Lisbon and University of Amsterdam.

The emphasis will be on group work and learning together, with the aim of helping people think in a more divergent, creative and purposeful way, and with a focus on progressing projects already in development at STEAMhouse. If you are interested in what a multi-faceted, human-centric approach can do for you, then this is the perfect choice.

People signing up to the workshop will be ask to respond to a short questionnaire before the event takes place, so the session can reflect genuine needs.

Led by Tom Cahill Jones

Tom Cahill Jones studied music at the University of Birmingham, being awarded a PhD in electroacoustic composition in 2007. His interest in digital creativity led to his work as coordinator of the Integra project, which aimed to develop an accessible live electronic music environment. Since 2012 he has been working in the field of cross innovation, investigating how artistic practice can be applied to other sectors to generate new thinking. He currently holds the position of STEAMhouse Development Manager.