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Workshop: Bioplastics Design

27 to 28 January 2020
10am – 5pm


Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 January, 2020
10am-5pm both days

This two day workshop will support you to develop your own unique biodegradable biomaterial and object using Materiom’s experimentation and design methods.

Participants will engage in the theory and practice of biomaterials towards a greater understanding of their opportunities and potential within a circular and creative economy whilst engaging hands-on in the creative experimentation and material development. You will leave the session with the confidence and resources to continue the exploration.

During the workshop we will:

Be introduced to the opportunities of biomaterials and the vision of Materiom
Explore the Materiom materials library, a diverse collection of abundant natural ingredients, bio -plastics and -composites.
Create their own unique biomaterials.
Explore possible applications for biomaterials in the form of a modular bag design
Design for end-of-life by testing biodegradability


STEAMhouse’s programmes are fully funded and aim to support businesses to develop. Spaces are very limited and priority will be given to self-employed sole traders and people with their own businesses.

If you would like to take part please send an expression of interest to outlining:

Why you would like to take part in the course and what you hope to gain by participating
Whether you are a self-employed sole trader or a business
Where you are based
Please write ‘Materiom Workshop’ in the subject header line.

Our Workshop Leaders


Materiom is a research platform dedicated to the experimentation and development of open source biomaterial recipes made using locally abundant ingredients and life-friendly chemistry. Our mission is to enable everyone, everywhere to participate in the next generation of materials for a circular economy. Our international community of scientists, designers, engineers and artists collaboratively develops, tests and adapts our recipes to regenerate local cultures and bioregions.

The workshop will be facilitated by the Materiom team, led by Zoë Powell.