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Trade Show: Public Preview

Friday, 6 December 2013
6 – 9pm

Visitors joined us for the opening of ‘Trade Show” This event marked the start of a number of live trading stations in the exhibition including Kate Rich’s ‘Feral Trade’, the “International Village Shop’ run by Myvillages, Field Bikes and the All Editions UK shop. The evening featured a performance by Bob and Roberta Smith who will be signing his ‘Letter to Gove’ which attacks the current government for its withdraw from art education in schools.

In the second gallery is ‘Sitting is a Verb – Rietveld for (Un)usual business’ in which Casco present’s a communal reader and “Sitting is a Verb – Rietveld for (Un)usual business” a Rietveld crate chair workshop by artist Aimée Zito Lema.

Flatfile see’s Tom Ireland and Mathew Parkin produce ‘but it could be a Levi’s advert’. This new work, made in conversation, presents a tapestry of digitally produced, appropriated imagery, that explores the importance of brands in shaping and communicating identity. This is the sixth iteration of Flatfile, a project initiated as a platform for participants to make new connections through the development of new work.