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The Happy Hypocrite: Say what you see

The Happy Hypocrite: Say What You See
Co-Hosted by An Endless Supply and Maria Fusco
31 March 2011, Eastside Projects

Drawing on the methodology of one of the sections from The Happy Hypocrite, Say What You See is an evening of readings, performances and critiques of critique featuring a.a.s, Phil Baber, Harry Blackett, Helen Brown, chris+keir, Ben Dawson, Gene-George Earle & Ross Gillard, Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, Kelly Large, Hanne Lippard, Apexa Patel, Nathaniel Pitt, Adam Smythe, Stinky Wizzleteat and Marie Toseland.

The Happy Hypocrite is a bi-annual journal led by artists’ writings, published by Bookworks and edited by Maria Fusco. Inspired and informed by avant-garde magazines such as Bananas, Documents, The Fox, Merlin and Tracks, it includes new writing and research-based projects from artists, writers and theorists expressing experimental ideas. The design of the journal has a strong bias toward typography to reflect the written nature of the contributions. Each section has a different typographic language, which illustrates the diversity of the works included.

Part 1: Ben Dawson, Marie Toseland, Apexa Patel, Karin Kilhberg & Reuben Henry

Part 2: Hanne Lippard, Gene-George Earl & Ross Gillard, Kelly Large, Harry Blackett, and Helen Brown

Part 3: Nathanial Pitt, Adam Smythe, James Commander, Phil Baber, and a.a.s.