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Events Ongoing

Talking Making

Wednesday, 17 April 2024
6.30 – 8pm

This event will be held at STEAMhouse,
Belmont Row, Birmingham, B4 7RQ

Pay what you feel/Free to EOP and STEAMhouse Members

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Join us for a conversation with designer Louise Skajem from Resting Reef in the Production Space workshops at STEAMhouse.

Resting Reef are rethinking life after death by developing ways to transform the ashes of those who have died into oyster reef memorial structures that regenerate marine biodiversity, capture carbon, filter water, and prevent coastal erosion.

Amongst other things Louise will talk about the ways her design journey has been driven by an intrinsic interest in materials and making, how they were a catalyst in developing Resting Reef and how this co-designed project has evolved.

She will also share thoughts on some of the questions she asks herself about materials, making and sustainability including … How do we navigate around the fact that all materials and ‘making’ have some kind of negative impact on their surroundings? How do we respond to the dilemma that many materials with a negative environmental impact are the most suitable materials for their application? When are we allowed to compromise on the ideal solutions?

This is part of a series of events with leading artists, designers and makers held in the Production Space workshops at STEAMhouse and has been developed through a collaboration with Eastside Projects. The programme aims to open out new thinking and develop collective conversations around approaches to making.

About Louise

Resting Reef was founded by female design duo, Aura Murillo and Louise Skajem tackling the taboo topic of death. Sustainability is at the centre of the Resting Reef project, but so too is the desire to change the way we experience death and the creation of new traditions and rituals can be shared by everyone.

Louise is an interdisciplinary designer who uses material exploration and biomimicry as methods to design innovations that tackle climate change. She graduated with a BA in Design from Goldsmiths University and a MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design at The Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.

Louise has a curious and intuitive design approach, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to complex problems. As a designer, she enjoys mixing scientific research and innovative thinking to create novel sustainable ideas for the real world.

Louise was awarded the Arts Foundation Futures Award 2023 in Bio Design and  Resting Reef won the D&AD Wood Pencil (Future Impact category) in 2023.

Find out more about Resting Reef on their website or instagram