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Rosalie Schweiker & Crisis: Housing Moves

Tuesday, 4 July 2017
5 – 7pm

During Production Show: Artists House, Rosalie Schweiker worked with Crisis members Delroy, Len, John and Dan on a series of playful housing moves. They asked themselves questions about their homes and experimented with building shelters. We met the group, watched their animations and heard them introduce their work over tea and cake.

Art in Crisis is a programme of public events presenting artwork made by artists experiencing homelessness. Across all 11 Crisis centres, Crisis clients are working with a professional artist to produce a public exhibition. Homelessness can be a devastating experience, leaving people without direction. Confidence and motivation often suffer without the security of a home. Making art can spark a sense of self, producing focus and a clear outlook on the future and creativity can build the self-esteem needed to move into education, volunteering or employment.

Throughout 2017, Crisis will mark its 50th year and consider how we can look to a future where homelessness is ended. Art in Crisis asks the question ‘What if?’, with pieces examining the past, considering the present and looking to the future.