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Reimagining Materials: Aeropowder and Studio ilio

Wednesday, 19 June 2019
6 – 8pm

How can existing materials be transformed into something new? How can we use the valuable properties of waste materials to make something useful? What happens when we apply novel processes to the abundant materials that surround us?

This month we welcome two makers to STEAMhouse who are working with overlooked materials in surprising ways. From human hair to chicken feathers, these designers are creating new materials, finishes and products and changing the way we think about the materials that surround us.

Speaker Bios

Ryan Robinson, Aeropowder

Ryan is the CEO and co-founder of Aeropowder, a startup developing sustainable insulation materials from surplus feathers. He received his PhD from Imperial College, where he studied the effects of air pollution on the lungs. Now, with a passion for solving tangible problems in the world, his work with Aeropowder has culminated with the release of pluumo, the world’s first feather-based thermal packaging material for deliveries.

Fabio Hendry, Studio ilio

Studio ilio is a London based design agency focusing on material innovation and process development by Royal College of Art graduates Seongil Choi from South Korea and Fabio Hendry from Switzerland. Studio ilio is passionate about seeking alternative environments in order to challenge and alter existing manufacturing processes and material uses. They believe that originality in function and aesthetic derives from a unique process. Their innovative products and hands-on experiments explore the boundaries between crafts and industry ranging from furniture to sculptural objects and installations.


This event is part of a series programmed with Maker Assembly which explore a range of themes that take making in new directions. Maker Assembly are supported by the Comino Foundation

STEAMhouse is a new centre for creative and collaborative innovation developed by Eastside projects in partnership with Birmingham City University.