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Public Art Thinking: Symposium and Publication Launch

Wednesday, 22 November 2017
1 – 5.30 pm

Eastside Projects worked with Birmingham Big Art Project to host a symposium that brought thinkers and practitioners from various fields together to discuss Public Art Thinking and what it is today.

The event took the form of a series of conversations, inviting contributors from artistic disciplines to investigate the ways artists and organisations are working together to rethink their role in the future development of our cities.

In the symposium we discussed: Who is deprived in the process of development? How can we make space unique within mass development? Could artists be better property developers? How can arts institutions engage with publics to develop artworks?

Speakers included: Mel Jordan, Barbara Holub, Rosalie Schweiker, Robert Garnett, Andy Reeve, Vanessa Boni and Gavin Wade.

A double issue of Art & the Public Sphere journal was dedicated to the Public Art Thinking Symposium. It was edited by Mel Jordan and Anna Santomauro and includes commissioned work by Janna Graham, Robert Garnett, Mel Jordan and Stuart Whipps. It is published by Intellect Books.