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Policy Show Meeting #3: Unspoken policies of education

Friday, 1 December 2017
2 – 5pm

Policy Show Meeting #3: Unspoken policies of education

Students and Teachers of Birmingham Ormiston Academy contributed to discussions and workshops on art and education at every level. Along with Eastside Projects we proposed questions such as: What is missing, what works, what doesn’t work? What more could be done?

Policy Show is Eastside Projects as a think tank made up of a core group of artists and curators including Teresa Cisneros, Christian Nyampeta, Ciara Phillips and Rehana Zaman. Building on our first two meetings, Eastside Projects asks: What would a policy of care for education look like?

Across Policy Show the core group will create three new policies at three different scales, and a series of actions to share, test and implement these policies. Each policy will be an artwork or be informed by art thinking and art making.

It was great to have many learners, educators, and artists of all ages join us at the Birmingham Ormiston Academy!