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Policy Show Meeting #2: Unspoken policies of housing

Thursday, 19 October 2017
2 – 5pm

Policy Show Meeting #2: Unspoken policies of housing

At the Council Chamber the public working group discussed existing Birmingham City policies and future imaginaries for social housing. We looked at models such as CLT (community land trust), self build and artists housing. The public were invited to submit questions based on the common themes that arose throughout the day and we used the Council Chamber voting system to show who agreed or disagreed.

Policy Show is Eastside Projects as a think tank made up of a core group of artists and curators including Teresa Cisneros, Christian Nyampeta, Ciara Phillips and Rehana Zaman. Building on our first meeting, Eastside Projects asks: What would a policy of care around housing look like?

Across Policy Show the core group will create three new policies at three different scales, and a series of actions to share, test and implement these policies. Each policy will be an artwork or be informed by art thinking and art making.

The second policy will be drafted in response to unspoken policies of housing, as Eastside Projects develops its research into the Artists House.

Future Policy Show Events:

Meeting #3: Unspoken policies of education

1 December, 2-5pm