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ONLINE In Conversation: It might be nothing, but could be something

Thursday, 15 April 2021
1 – 3pm

Join us for an informal discussion between artists exhibiting in It might be nothing, but could be something alongside academics and researchers whose interests connect into the (In)security residency thematic and final exhibition. The initial framing of the residency posed a series of questions led by Dr Katharina Karcher to interrogate policy and urban planning in response to counter-terrorism and security; In what ways do terrorist attacks change and shape urban spaces? How do people whose lives were affected by acts of urban terrorism cope in the aftermath of these attacks? What, if anything, can make us feel secure? And how might artists work with academics to think through complex challenges?

The event will begin with a series of presentations from the artists introducing their works, working processes and research methods, that have informed the development of works within the show. Following the presentations guests, academics have been asked to pose questions and propositions in response to the artists work and research, enabling a lively conversation.

This is a great opportunity to gain further insight and talk directly to the artists through an informal Q+A at the end of the event.

We encourage you to visit the exhibition’s Virtual Tour and watch and listen to the artworks which are currently Stream to gain an insight into the artists’ research and creative responses before attending.