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Not paying artists is bad for you … Discuss

Tuesday, 19 May 2015
6.30 – 8pm

Presented by Self Service:

Without artists there is no art.

The Paying Artists campaign calls for artists to be paid to exhibit their work in public galleries. Paying Artists is about valuing art and artists, transforming opportunities and paying people fairly for their work. Most importantly it is about maintaining diversity, ensuring that finance is not a barrier to talent and securing equality of opportunity for all artists now and in the future.

People joined us for an evening of quick fire provocations by speakers including Dorothy Wilson (Director mac Birmingham, Gavin Wade (Director Eastside Projects), Toby Watley (Director of Collections, Birmingham Museums Trust), and artists Stuart Whipps, Elizabeth Rowe, Anna Horton and Sophie Bullock; followed by a public discussion as we began to explore what a fair pay policy for artists in Birmingham might be.

To find out more and support the campaign see or email