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Events Upcoming

Launch Night: dirty nails (les ongles noirs) and Idols of Mud and Water

Friday, 7 June 2024
6 – 8pm

Performances from 6.30–8pm
Everyone is welcome!

Everyone is invited to celebrate the launch of two new projects.

Come together in the mud for dirty nails (les ongles noirs), a sticky experimental thing which begins with live performances by Maria Muehombo / M I M I, Jade Blackstock, Ban Workshop, and melissandre varin with Geamhradhr/Winter.*

And Idols of Mud and Water by Australian artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran which will populate our second  gallery with exuberant multi-limbed, fertility, protector, joker and warrior figures.  

*Content warning: Performances may include partial nudity


dirty nails (les ongles noir) is co-commissioned by Eastside Projects and Fabric and supported by Arts Council England Lottery Funding and Fluxus Projects.