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Events Upcoming

Grief Circle and Nourishments

Saturday, 8 June 2024
11am – 1.30 pm

Grief Circle 11am–12.30pm
Nourishments 12.30–1.30pm

We welcome you to join us as we come together in a ‘gentle space’ to connect and share around different aspects of grief and loss.

Loss is the fact or process of losing something or someone, while grief is the emotional response to the this. We experience grief every day, on different scales – for the loss of people and relationships to the loss of heritage, hope, identity, or our environment.

The journey that the dirty nails (les ongles noirs) Artists have been on has touched on and included certain aspects of grief that we would like to acknowledge and explore in a safe space. It is with this in mind that we will be holding a space for everyone which will be facilitated by Integrative Counsellor Karen Dhlamini with the support of our team.

The Grief Circle will be followed by nourishments prepared by artist-researcher Carmen Wong – post-grieving morsels to help support the process of returning after a change.

About Karen

A black woman with soft shoulder length curls looks directly at the camera, she has a soft smile.

Karen Dhlamini MBPsS MBACP BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Integrative Counselling has worked as an Integrative Counsellor in private practice for more than 10 years supporting clients in different spaces with different needs such as relationship breakdown, anxiety, depression, bereavement, domestic abuse, suicide ideation, self-harm, disordered eating as well as many other challenges that life may bring. She has worked across different industries providing wellbeing, training, coaching and consultancy support. 

Having grown up in Zimbabwe, then migrating and settling in the UK, she brings lived experience of some of the challenges faced with integrating into a different environment and culture. Karen has worked with organisations that engage in advocacy and general support for refugees and migrants; organisations providing leadership and development training and support in the social change and arts sector;  Collectives in the UK, Luxemburg and Belgium exploring aspects of identity and liberation; and Collaborations exploring the shared space, environment, and people.

In the work that Karen does the emphasis is on working towards creating spaces where care is an important ethos that people aspire to maintain in their work to support people, groups, collectives, and teams across different spheres. Karen has worked with organisations providing leadership development training in different ways, providing expert support in the design and delivery, team, and cohort; group and/or one to one support. This includes consultancy around provision of wellbeing support, creating, and adapting frameworks that are designed to meet specific needs for different organisations, groups, or collectives.

Taking Care

As part of the invitation to come and take part we want you to think about the importance of your safety and wellbeing. When coming into spaces that can be emotionally triggering, we want to encourage you to carefully consider what the experience may be like for you and the need to keep yourself safe. As well as having a space where the Grief Circle will take place, we will provide a quiet room that people can access when there is need.

On the day Karen and our team will be there to support you. Please do reach out if you need help. Or if you have any questions in advance drop us an email on info[at]

We also want to share with you some information on different local and national organisations that provide various forms of support.

BrumYODO based in Birmingham they hold various events that provide a space to talk about death.

Beyond the Horizon support children, young people and their families who are struggling with loss and bereavement.

Cruse Bereavement Support have a helpline and provide local support in different areas.

Edwards Trust, Birmingham based providing holistic family bereavement services.

Grief Encounter offer support for bereaved children and families.

Healing Justice London offers online yoga and breathing circles as part of their ongoing work to support POC

This event is part of dirty nails (les ongles noirs) which is co-commissioned with

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