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From the Artists Mouth

Saturday, 28 September 2019
1 – 2.30 pm

An informal afternoon of conversations with artists Lady Skollie, Sofia Niazi and curator Gavin Wade. A chance to hear directly from the artists about ideas behind their work.

Lady Skollie’s work is reimagining the history of people of “so-called coloured descent.” In her radical version they’re led to a promised land free of ignorance and self-hatred. Lady Skollie treads joy, ritual, sex and pain into a new body of Papsak Propaganda wallpaintings, performance, and drawn, printed and painted works on paper.

Sofia Niazi is inviting you to view a handsome work of art built circa 2019, located in Digbeth, Birmingham, the UK’s “second city”.  A rare opportunity to move into an Unreal Estate apartment where you’ll be at the epicentre of one of the most progressive cities in the UK*.