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Frieze Projects: Bread and Fortunes

11 to 13 October 2012

Caroline Achaintre, An Endless Supply, BAZ, Simon & Tom Bloor, Kathrin Böhm, Alice Channer, Shezad Dawood, Tenzing Scott Brown, FormContent, Dora Garcia, Liam Gillick, Gunilla Klingberg, Kelly Large, Heather & Ivan Morison, Ciara Phillips, Giles Round, Elizabeth Rowe, John Russell, Michael Stumpf, Mark Titchner, Stuart Whipps, Yangjiang Group

with Edible Eastside and The Lombard Method

Eastside Projects are selling artists bread and fortune cookies from our stall in Yangjiang Group’s large scale ‘Shu Fa at Cricket Pavilion’ structure, co-commissioned by Eastside Projects and Grizedale Arts earlier this year, and now a major part of Frieze Projects.

Eastside Projects is working in Birmingham with Loaf Social Enterprise Ltd in Stirchley to make artists bread available at the gallery each week. We have invited artists to design stenciled texts and images, such as Dora Garcia’s ‘Steal This’ 2012, which are then cooked onto the sourdough loaves. We are being useful by functioning as the central Birmingham distribution point for Loaf’s outstanding bread. For Frieze, Loaf recommended Brick House Bakery in East Dulwich to work with us. Each day Brick House will cook fresh artists’ bread for our stall.

We’ve curated a series of fortune cookies inspired by the Yangjiang Groups calligraphy – One Day In Mountain Is Worth Two Thousand Years In The World. Over these five days Frieze Art Fair replaces the mountain! ‘Useful’ words of wisdom, directives, warnings and suggestions are contained within the sealed cookies available 2 for a pound from the stall.

Eastside Projects have also invited Digbeth based The Lombard Method and Edible Eastside to present food on our stall. The Lombard Method present ‘Frieze Floss’, freshly made candy floss for the fair, and Edible Eastside present ‘Warwick Bar’ a fudge bar named after the canal basin area of DIgbeth where they are based.

To download the press release for ‘Bread and Fortunes’ click here.
To download the press release for ‘Yangjiang Group at Frieze’ click here.