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Events Upcoming

Family Workshop: Taking Root

Saturday, 23 June 2018
10am – 12pm

Eastside Projects @ 86 Heath Mill Lane
£2 per child

Saturday 23 June, 10am–midday

How do a city’s communities grow? How do plants and people move around the world?

In this hands-on family workshop, we will make and launch a series of transportation vessels which will carry precious cargo and glide across our city’s unique canal system. Each vessel will be designed and built to hold seeds of different species of non-invasive plants which once set on their journey will, we hope, germinate and grow alongside our canals, becoming a reminder of the individuals, families and communities who travel and cross lands in search of safety every day.

To celebrate Refugee Week we are highlighting the contribution that refugees and migrants have bought to our communities. Looking at the numerous journeys undertaken by plant and food substances we will re-familiarize ourselves with the abundance of tastes and experiences that make up the British isle, and would not be possible without the movement of people.

Join Eastside Projects for this unique family workshop and help us mark Refugee Week 2018. Our family workshops are for children aged 5–11. All children must be accompanied by an adult and advance booking is essential.

We want our workshops to be accessible to all, so if the cost of the workshop is a barrier please contact Sahjan and we will book you a free place.