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Fake Making

Wednesday, 5 February 2020
6.30 – 8pm

Everything is tech now.
Everyone is tech now.

How we see, feel and imagine in the digital realm across geographies and ages is shifting at an unprecedented rate. From emerging technologies, new digital realities, algorithms that make things without us and smart materials the ‘real’ world is no longer as identifiable as it once was.

Craft and tech have more in common than you think. In blurring the language used to imagine what it means to make digitally, this talk seeks to ideate new possibilities to engineer empathetic design from a machine and open up conversations about the fundamental nature of making, the collapse of the real and the possibilities and challenges this shifting landscape is creating.

Join us at STEAMhouse for an evening of future gazing and discussion.

Our Speaker

Lynne Murray works across digital material culture and explores a collective evolution of digital surface and form through the human lens.

She is currently Director of the Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts. By exploring futures in digital and bringing industry to research across emerging technologies including wearables, IoT, AR/ VR and smart materials, Lynne focuses on building a new collaborative way of working across public and private sector to enable true, genuine and useful advances in digital creative technologies for fashion and the creative industries.

A Director of business and academic practice in the creative and technology sectors, Lynne has over 16 years of academic and industry leadership expertise, specialising in re-imagining arts, craft and humanities environments.

As an entrepreneur, designer and academic, Lynne has founded multiple organisations and led impact across private, public and charity sectors. Dynamic, open to possibilities, comfortable with change and the process of innovation, Lynne has pioneered award winning outputs across retail, luxury, design and technology sectors specialising in augmented reality, fashion, jewellery and digital anthropology futures.