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Duplicate 2021: Publishing In A Pandemic

Saturday, 8 May 2021
11am – 5pm

Duplicate is going to be a little bit different this year. Instead of a normal book fair, we are hosting a one-day artist book and self-publishing event, featuring a guest panel discussing their experiences of publishing in a pandemic followed by a publishing workshop organised by BAAAD Press.

ROUNDTABLE – 11.00-12.15
Join Seán Elder & Emma McKinney (Public House, Birmingham), Sofia Niazi (OOMK/Rabbits Road Press, London) and Lillian Wilkie (Printed Matter London/NYC) as they discuss how the pandemic has affected different parts of the independent publishing ecosystem. The panelists, made up of bookshop owners (artist books), book fair organisers and printers, and makers of independent publications, will share their experiences of the past year and explore what the role of independent publishing is in the current climate and whether it can survive.

WORKSHOP – 12.15–17.00
BAAAD Press invites attendees of Duplicate 2021 to help construct a collaborative publication that reflects on the experiences of living through a pandemic. The workshop will start at 12.15  with an introduction to the project and participants will then break away, working independently before re-joining Zoom at 16.30.

A series of simple step-by-step instructions will help guide participants in creating a range of content for the collective publication, covering everything from poetry to lockdown recipes to strange selfies and ad-hoc sculptures!

After the event, each participant will receive a free printed version of the one-day pandemic publication in the post.

BAAAD Press is a publishing house located within the Birmingham School of Art at Margaret Street

For those that were unable to attend, watch the recording of the roundtable below. A transcript of the discussion will be made available soon.