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Exhibition Launch

Friday, 3 June 2022
4 – 9pm

Everyone is welcome to join us for the launch of our Birmingham Festival 2022 programme and our 2022 EOP Members Show. Across the evening you can visit new exhibitions in both galleries at Eastside Projects and at Recent Activity as well as a new off-site artwork on the eastern banks of the River Rea on the edge of Highgate and Balsall Heath. 

Launch Programme

Rajni Perera, Mural Launch
Friday 3 June, 4–6pm

Rajni Perera and Bijan Moosavi, Exhibition Openings
Eastside Projects, Friday 3 June, 6–8pm

Amy Ching-Yan Lam, Exhibition Opening
Recent Activity, Friday 3 June, 6–9pm

These events are part of June’s Digbeth First Friday find out about everything that’s happening HERE


Alongside projects by Jon McCurley and Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Amy and Rajni’s projects are presented as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival.