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Musik von 2017

Friday, 3 March 2017
6 – 8.30 pm

From voice, story and song, to movement, sonic art and electronics joined us for March’s First Friday for an an exciting evening of live music presented by Birmingham Conservatoire’s MMus composers.

They presented a programme of eclectic works in the Main Gallery alongside our current exhibition ‘Production Show: Building/Developing/Testing’. Visitors were welcome to drop in at any time, or stay for the whole programme.


1. So boring … the life of a horse

Daniel Blanco Albert and Roche van Tiddens. Voice, trumpet, electronics.

2. A guide to a live horse

Felix Cheung. Semi-improvised/theatrical/electronics.

3. Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat

Chris Cresswell. Electronics.

4. Beware!

Joel Hall. Voice: SATBB.

5. Floating

Chloe Knibbs. Voice, cello, accordion.

6. May Colvin

Emily Levy.  Voice, violin, bass, percussion, keys, trumpet, electric guitar.

7. Love Song

Robin Morton.  Voices and electronics.

8. Ad Astra

Anna Olson. Multi-track violin.

9. The Grateful

Crane James Oldham. Voice and electronics.